Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL), have agreed to crackdown against illegal downloading, according to a report from The Telegraph.
Under the agreement with the UK government, the search engine operators will not show links to pirated films and music on the first page in their search engines in the UK.

Two Giants Google, Microsoft Corporation agree to ban piracy sites from search results

Following many struggles by the once powerful company, they just finally hits zero.

BlackBerry sold 200,000 of its own phones last year, but that might as well have been zero.

The onetime leader in smartphones sales made up zero percent — or 0.0482 percent — of global smartphone purchases in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Blackberry's market finally hits zero

The 17-year-old, blocky 3310 is best known for its durability. Now, it is getting a modern successor, according to VentureBeat's Evan Blass.

Blass reports that alongside its anticipated Nokia 3, 5 and 6 smartphones, HMD Global, the new company behind the Nokia name, will unveil a reworked 3310 at this month's Mobile World Congress.

Nokia making a great come back with historic 3310 mobile phone

BlackBerry has signed over (mostly) global rights to use its branding on phones to Chinese manufacturer TCL. The news follows an announcement by the Canadian company in September that it would stop making its own phones and concentrate instead on services and software.

Finally, Blackberry lives again

Following the news all around that some operating systems will not have acces to Whatsapp after 2016 December 31, WhatsApp has been adding a slew of new features to the service for all of 2016, and it looks like more changes are coming. According to leaks put out by Twitter account WABetaInfo, which is known for its accuracy on WhatsApp’s upcoming features, the service will soon let users revoke and edit messages which they have sent.

See The New Feature Whatsapp Just Added

Apple posted a sizeable warning on its support page over fake chargers and batteries, Amazon has pulled down counterfeit listings, and Apple is suing one of the manufacturers of fakes.

Tech Phone giant Apple warns customers about fake chargers and batteries

1) Respond like a ninja 

If you're in a rush you can respond to a message in seconds with a pre-loaded response. 
Simply tap and hold the message you received and you'll see the option to react with a heart, thumbs up or down, the phrase "ha ha," exclamation marks or a question mark.  

Just touch the required response to send it to your buddy. 

Top 9 iPhone texting hacks you must know

Its about to happen in a no distant time for some smartphone operating systems. WhatsApp is about to pull the plug on smartphones running older versions of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. However, the end of support by WhatsApp is unlikely to affect many users since the change is applicable only to smartphones running Android 2.2 Froyo, iOS 6, and Windows Phone 7 (and older versions of the three operating systems). However, in case you are indeed using devices powered by these OSes, come 2017, you will be unable to use WhatsApp on them.

Smartphones WhatsApp Will No Longer Support By End Of 2016

Nokia may launch two variants of its widely rumoured D1C Android smartphone at MWC 2017. A new report claims that the two variants will come with different display, RAM, and camera specifications. Nokia's re-entry to smartphones was seemingly confirmed when HMD Global, the firm with an exclusive global licence to manufacture Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next 10 years, confirmed its presence at MWC 2017. Furthermore, Nokia has also confirmed that CEO Rajeev Suri will be speaking at MWC next year, and this rumoured smartphone is expected to be unveiled then.

The New Nokia D1C Android Phone Specifications

Adopting a pet dog is always an exciting time and a life-long dream for many adults and kids. When you’re finally ready to bring a dog into the family, there are many decisions you need to make and many questions that wait to be answered. Keep in mind that these decisions regard not only the dog breed you plan to get, but also the questions of how your new pet dog will fit into your household. Here are some things to think about before bringing a puppy home.
What is your family like?

What You Should Know Before Getting A Dog


Nigeria cannot be left behind in the fast-paced world of technology especially when it comes to the future of labour. Even though jobs are being automated you have to significantly improve yourself to fit into this future. The truth is, if you don’t hone your skills, there will be millions of jobs and there will be no employable persons to do these jobs. Hence, Jumia Travel gathers 4 ways technology will change Nigeria’s workforce to get you prepared!
You will be a free agent
You don’t have to find work in the future. In fact, companies will call you to offer you jobs without applying. It is just by having a profile on professional social media accounts like LinkedIn and online. And also, you will not be attached to a particular organisation. Technology tools will make this possible.
You will work from home
Driving to the office daily and manoeuvring Lagos traffic is very hectic. In the future, you don’t need to do this, you will work from the comfort of the sofa of your home. Hence, your employees don’t need to be physically present in the office. Not that everyone will work from home but a large number of people will do.
Services will be outsourced
If you check your Samsung phone, you observe that different parts are made in different countries: the battery is made in China; the body parts are made in Finland and it is assembled in England. And this same device is made by Samsung. Outsourcing is less expensive. Companies now use outsourcing as a cheap way to get quick and cheap labour. This can only favour Nigeria if it develops its infrastructure and  evolve a friendly environment. In fact, you find Nigerian companies outsourcing their services to international companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Technology is key in making this work.
Skills development and training will change due to automation
Many companies are looking for ways to cut cost. Hence, they have embraced automation. These companies will still need persons who will manage these automated services. This may force workers to go for skills development and training. In fact, Nigerian universities must realise we are no longer in the 1960s and they have to overhaul their syllabus to accommodate these new realities tech has introduced.

4 Ways Technology Will Change Nigeria’s Workforce

7 Must Know Tips For House Hunting In Lagos
When you are in the city of Lagos, you are told to shine your eyes (be smart and observant). Lagosians don’t say this slang for fun. It is because if you dare to laggard, you will have yourself to blame. Same goes for persons who are house hunting in the city.

7 Must Know Tips For House Hunting In Lagos

From time immemorial, starting a business has always been a monumental task. It is not for the fainthearted nor is it for those who aren’t dogged. And this won’t change anytime soon.
Regardless, you will find Nigerians who are dogged and who have the entrepreneurial tenacity or spirit running from pillar to post searching for jobs. Besides, even those who have jobs are no better. They always have an excuse for not starting a business on their own. Jumia Travel shares some of these pretty inexcusable excuses.

6 Ridiculous Excuses Young Nigerians give For Not Starting a Business

ZarFund  Nigeria

Zarfund is a platform that has been created to grow your bitcoin with little or no effort, The interesting thing about Zarfund is that, your money which is in bitcoin is not kept on Zarfund site, which means you don"t have to be scared of the site crashing one day.

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Get to work now. Begin to change your life from the inside today.

What is BitCoin in A glance

Bitcoin is a E money, introduced to make transactions online. when Bitcoin was first introduced, it 1$=1Bitcoin, but currently bit coin has appreciated to 1$= 700$, currently it is the most valued currency in existence.

Bitcoin and Zarfund

If you are new to bitcoin business, Zarfund is a plat form you need to join, this will help you grow your bitcoin to a very high level.

Currently 1bitcoin = &700 USD and 700USD = 315,000 Naira at the time of this post using 1 USD = 450 Naira.

Benefits of Zarfund

Looking at the current cost of purchasing 1 bitcoin, its looks very big and capital intensive, but zarfund has made it easy that you cant buy some cents of bitcoin as low as 11,000 Naira, your 11,000 can grow to 315,000 in one month. yes it is posible.. all you to do is to start and register just two person with your referral links and you work is done.

Zarfund dose not in anyway hold anyones Bitcoin, it work like MMM, you pay your own bitcoin to your referral and The two people under you will pay their own bitcoin to you as their own referrer, like that you grow and increase your bitcoin.


Blockchain is a Highly secured website like paypal, it is like online banking website, it helps you to create your own wallet where you can keep and manage your bitcoin.
Before you can join Zarfund, You must open a blockchain account, link it to the zarfund account and start your investment.
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To join Zarfund, It only takes a simple steps,

Definition of zarfund in a glance

Zarfund is a secured platform where you grow you bit using donation method.

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How To Grow your bitcoin with ZarFund

Over the years, Adsense has been enjoying heaving bonus and hypes for being the highest paid ads, that got over their "head" and made them introduce lots of terms and conditions for being part of the polishers. Thank God for Propeller ads which has come to save you from poverty, especially we the Africans and Nigeria Precisely. quote me write Propeller Pays More than Adsense , The question is how?

Propeller Pays More than Adsense - Nigerian View

Reason why Propeller Ads Pays More than Adsense - Nigerian View

Adsense pays very low in Nigeria  or any other African countries, with your Page views of over 200k per month, you can barely make 30$- 50 dollars per month, which is very discouraging.

Bloggers who enjoys adsense are bloggers based in UK, US and Middle east, such countries has high CPC, which mean, with just 100k page views a month they can be cashing out upto 1500 dollars,

To make matters worst, to register a new adsense from Nigeria will take u like Ages , with many annoying reason ranging from, Insufficient content, Poor page views, Copy written content , Bla Bla bla. What that F is their business about my blog having copy written contents if am getting my views with it. Too Much laws, too much polices is beginning to Peise me off and dislike adsense.


Propeller ads Brings makes online life easy and financial brake through.

Propeller Ads is a tested program and has been in existence since 2011.

Better CPM rates – This is one of the reasons why my team recommended Propeller Ads.

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Very easy to Register and get approved on the go.

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Propeller Ads Pays More than Adsense - Nigerian View

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently hosted a dinner at his home for the top engineering interns at the company. "It was great hearing their ideas and I know they will all go on to do important work in the future," said Zuckerberg in a Facebook post. Zuckerberg hosts dinner at his home for Facebook's top interns every year.

Zuckerberg hosts dinner for Facebook interns

Globacom has rolled out Nigeria’s first commercial world-class nationwide mobile Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) network across the six geo-political zones simultaneously. This follows a successful multi-dimensional test-run of the advanced network consistent with its numerous pioneering roles in Nigeria’s telecommunication industry.

Globacom Rolls Out Mobile 4G/LTE Network Across 9 Cities

WhatsApp has added a slew of new annotation options for the in-built camera in its hugely-successful chat app

WHATSAPP has pushed-out a colossal new update to its messaging app that brings a slew of new camera features – but iPhone users will have to wait before they can get their hands on the new features

WhatsApp just rolled-out a slew of new features as part of an update to its Android app this morning.
The massive update to the world's most popular messaging service brings a host of new camera and photo features.

WhatsApp adds awesome new features for your photos (but there's still no GIF support)

With big eyes and a high-pitched voice, Kirobo is designed to trigger a maternal response from its owner. But can humans really connect emotionally with a robot?

In Episode 7 of "The Twilight Zone," a convicted prisoner falls in love with a humanoid robot while serving his sentence on an abandoned asteroid. In Spike Jonze’s drama "Her," the introverted Theodore Twombly becomes emotionally attached to an artificial intelligence named Samantha.
In another story, set in the present day, an automotive company designs a robotic baby and markets it toward childless mothers. But this time, it’s not sci-fi.

Can people bond with a robot baby?

Apple today began automatically downloading macOS Sierra to Macs that have yet to upgrade to the new operating system, taking a step that rival Microsoft was criticized for last year.
Although the upgrade to macOS 10.12 will automatically download to eligible Macs, it will not automatically install. Instead, users must authorize the upgrade after being notified that it has been retrieved and is ready to install. Users may also decline the upgrade at that same notification.
This marks a change from past practice for the Mac's operating system, formerly dubbed "OS X" but now labeled "macOS."

Apple adopts Windows 10 tactic to auto-download Sierra to Macs