#Don'tGetScammed || How They wants To Scam My mum Via Phone call

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Hello Nigerians, we decided to create this page and #tag #Don'tGetScammed because There are too many local scam reports in Nigeria now.(Retweet) we thought  if we can share with you the format or how they operate, then you can detect scammers when you become their pray. (Lets Trend The It on Social media #Don'tGetScammed )

Phone call scams has become the other of day. every guy men as they will call themselves wants to travel to village with a new car to show off, so they have to make the money by taking from the poor victims. The effective scam currently is phone call scams.

Experience shared by my mum.

Her rang one good afternoon,
the conversation went like this...

scamer: Hello
Mum: hello, who is this?
Scamer: its Me pastor please call me back now now.
Mum: Ok.
phone hang up.
 ring ring ring mum call back the number

Scammer answers Hello Mummy how are you
Mum: am fine pastor (not knowing which PASTOR is it)
Scammer: how is your family
Mum: fine, which pastor is this?
Scammer: don't you recognize my voice again? its me pastor now
Mum: oooooooook Pastor Seye (mum guessed using the voice)
Scammer: Yes yes its me.
Mum: but this is not your Number that i have
Scammer: Yes delete that number that you have i don't use it again (FORMAT THEY USED TO MAKE U NOT TO CALL THE PERON THEY PRETEND TO BE)
Mum : wow pastor its been long i heard from you ooooo since you left Enugu
Scammer: yes, am sorry,
Scammer: Mummy i need your help now now
Mum: what is it
scammer: pls am stranded somewhere, i want you to send 3000 credit. please
Mum: Hope everything is good.
scammer: Yes yes
Mum: ok let me send it to you now (mum good woman)

Now thats it... how they knew my mum is church freak, i don't know.
how they got her number, i don't know either,

But one thing is sure, Nigerian companies that make you feed them your personal and contact details do not protect your details. dont be suprice if they even call you by ur name.

PLEASE  If you have any scam experence you have witnessed or heard, pls write and email (loveswaggs@gmail.com) it to us, so we can post it here and share it to thousands of our followers, this guys need to be exposed,

don't forget to share post to inform your friends and family so that they won't become a victim....
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