11 Ways to Keep your Husband

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Ladies! To succeed in marriage and to make
your husband always rushing home to
meet you and you alone
1. Pray like a prayer warrior
2. Make love with your husband like a bitch
3. Look appetizing and stimulating and sexy
at all times!...burst the extra flesh and
"beer tommy" and slim the "Maama arms"
4. Be respectful and don't compete with
him...give him space
5. Party with him, be around him

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6. Encourage and support him daily even
when the chips are down!
7. Be a super chef at the kitchen and get
the meals ready on time!
8. Be good at your game
9. Practice healthy regime.....
10. Communicate! Communicate!! and more
11. If its just prayers that you only know
how to, you may end up having your house
maid as your rival when you are back from
your fasting and prayer sessions.
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