#Don'tGetScammed || How they want to scam A friends Mum of 1million Naira

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The other day i shared with you how they scammed my mum of 3k credit, if you missed read HERE.

A Friend Emailed this to me how they wanted to scam his father of 1million naira He Nearly felled to the format if not Gods Intervention and fearless kid.

Below is how it went:

One Man called my mum one night and was speaking in a low tone, like he is trying to reveal a secret.
he started like this: Are you mrs (my mums full names), you are a staff in UNTH. Someone has been sent to assassinate you, (my mum started shivery in fear). and i have information of who that person is, if you wish to know call me back with this number. phone hang up.

Who wants to die? my mum filled with fear, rushed and bought credit and called the idiot scammer back. and he continued. madam you should stop panicking and thank God i have this information about the person who wants to kill you... Anxious mother can't wait and ask, who is this person, the scammer said. ok will reveal the person and still tell you how you to catch them, but you must pay me some money for the information i want to give or you wait and get assassinated . My mum asked How much, he said 1million,  my mum shout one million? he said shut up woman, its 1million what more than your life?

My mum has even started running around on how to get the cash, Until she told my elder brother who took her phone and called the scammer back.
My brother was like, we have the money how do we bring it to you, He said give the woman that owns the phone her phone let me give her directions on how to bring the money, my older brother insisted on him to deal with him.

when the scam sensed that there is no fear in my brothers tone, he hong the call and switch of the phone... and that it, we didnt hear from him any longer


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