How to browse with MTN BIS On your PC Unlimited

How to browse with MTN BIS On your PC Unlimited
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Yea its working again, i never want to share this here but on a second thought, am sharing it anyway,

all you need is your BIS and Modem.

1) subscribe to mtn bis, that is...
dial *131*
- chose BBC
-chose any of these plans, DAY(100),WEEK (500), MONTH (1000)

2) Then connect through your simple sever.DOWNLOAD HERE

3) Modify your browser to Proxy = port 8080.

that is.... Click on your mobiziler firefox menu and click on Options, click on network then click on setting buy the side, click on the http proxi and put port 8080 then check MANUEL  PROXY CONFIGURATION just above. then save and you are good to go,

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