24 Things A Mum Teaches Her Daughter part 1

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Before Marriage!!
Originally By Francon
My daughter, don’t cause a separation
between your man and his siblings; it could
be dangerous for you when they finally speak
with one voice.
• My daughter, I know that some of you girls
don’t wish to marry a man whose mother is
still alive, don’t ever think like that, if you do,
well, I think your son’s wife-to-be should start
wishing you're dead now.
• My daughter, listen to me, when I married
your father, he was as tiny as his salary but I
chose to grow with him and today, those
cars out there are some of the results of what
we started so little, together, and we’re proud
looking at them.
• My daughter, there is this thing i see
happening in your time, some of you girls
now get pregnant before the wedding day,
well, it never happened in our time because
no matter what, we never opened our laps
before the wedding.
• My daughter, well, yes, I once locked up the
cloth of your father because I got to my limit
of patience and that was the only thing I
could do, but one thing I haven’t said was
that we settled the issue that same day and
that was the last time I tried that.
• My daughter, look up there. That’s the
wedding picture of your father and I, look at
him smiling, I know you've seen it many
times but what you did not know is that your
father was angry before taking this picture, I
hope you find a man whose anger doesn't
last till the next day.

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• My daughter, when your Father was riding
a bicycle, I was always happy to hop on it and
ride with him, not because I didn't see those
men in their little cars but because my eyes
also saw those men trekking to their farms.
• My daughter, if you and your husband eat a
little food with love, you both would be
satisfied. Times are not always the same;
support him in every phase he’s passing
• My daughter, don’t ever close your laps to
your husband in bed , the day he paid your
dowry was the day you lost your will to do so,
don’t be stiff and try to satisfy him even if you
were angry with him.
• My daughter, a man would respect you and
be more proud of you if you’re learned and
not totally dependent on him. Strive to make
your own money and while you're at it, be
• My daughter, under the cocoa tree that I
did meet with your Father was open and
good enough for our discussions, yes; it was
open and good enough if you understand
what I mean.
• My daughter, in our time, we had sexy legs
and firm bosoms to show our men , in fact,
we had the finest ones, yet, when we dress,
we cover those parts of our body, not
because we were not civilized as you people
would call it, but because we know that the
eyes of men are hungry, many of them would
only come, touch and go their way.
• My daughter, there is this thing you girls
now practice, they say it’s feminism. Well, you
can prove to be equal to a man in the society
but please, not in your marriage because at
my old age, I don’t want to start counting
your husbands.
• My daughter, marriage is not a
Rehabilitation Centre, if he’s not good enough
for you before marriage, nothing he does
would be good
enough after marriage.
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