Dharma Bhattarai's love story!!

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This is my love story, you people are so lucky, at
least u can announce your love someone., but I
couldn't , because she isn’t anymore. Anyway but I want to 

share this story to you people. So read and share as you can..here is
my story…………….

Life has three big reasons to live…. Past, present
and future. Every person is born with a destiny; I
too was born with a destiny. But the problem is I
don’t know what my destiny is. May be my readers
can help me out. So here it goes…. I got very much
tensed that time .because u did not pick up my call.


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A week was about to pass but she didn’t make any
reply to my calls. I didn’t understand what i
have done
wrong. Exams were near but I was unable to
concentrate on my studies. The exams are so close
that I can’t even bunk my classes and go to meet
her. Those days I really feel that love really hurts a
lot. As I didn’t get any reply to my calls I thought of 

concentrating on my studies as the exams were
very near.

 I started attending to my classes and
also started preparing for my exams. Just made
my mind ignore what was going on the other side.
But on the other side the scene was little different.
As I was very upset those days my friend told
Jagdeep about me and hearing that Jagdeep went
to her. He asked her that why she was not
answering to my calls. She told him that I have
made a promise to her that until and unless I will
not earn of my own I will not buy anything with my
parents money but I didn’t keep my promise. ..She
also said that she knew that I love her a lot but
she never thought that I would ever make a false
promise to her. 

Jagdeep was aware that how I
have arranged the money but I told him not to say
anything to her. But that idiot was a true friend of
mine and told her everything because he can’t see
me sad as we were childhood friends. Well guys I
need to commit the truth now. The truth is that the
night when I returned from the fair, I was unable to
sleep just thinking that how I could earn that dress
for her of my own.

 But finally in the morning I
figured the way out. Before during my school days I
was not at all good in studies but yet I managed to
score well. Somewhere it was only her because of
whom I made it possible. If I see from a different
way then it was just her who helped me to prove
myself and my parents that I was not a useless
person. A person without self confidence can do

It’s the main wealth of a person and I
gained my self confidence just because of her. The
computer which I was awarded was earned by my
own. I went to a computer shop and sold the
computer for 8000 rupees and bought her the
dress. Hearing that she burst into tears and asked
Jagdeep to take her to me at that moment. The
whole way she her tears were falling and then
when they reached Jagdeep asked to wait in a
restaurant near the highway. Actually it was a
couple’s restaurant.

 It used to have cabin for
couples so that they can date peacefully. Anyways
she was waiting there for me and Jagdeep came
over my college to pick me up. I just came out after
my class and get surprised to see him. He told me
the whole thing and I was very happy that see
came to see me. I hurriedly went with him to the

 I came inside the restaurant and saw
her waiting for me. As soon as she saw me her
eyes filled with tears but still she managed to give
a smile. I felt like she was happier to see me then
me. Se sat beside me and for a while she was just
looking in my eyes. 

I asked her that why she not
receving was my calls and also told her that I
missed her very much. She came close to me put
her hand on my face and said “ How could you be
so stupid?” and kissed me on my forehead … “ How
could I hurt you?” and kissed me on my eyes… “
How could I love you so much?” and kissed
me…………… on my lips. She was kissing me and my
eyes closes and I could feel her tears on my face. 

wiped her face and said her that I love her and she
said “Today I promise you that my love will be
always with you till the end and after that” and
hugged me tightly. I was always confused with the
word ‘love’ but at that moment when she was
hugging me I came to know what love actually
was. Love is a feeling which you can’t express but
it is something for which people can breathe,
people can smile, People can live and people can

We were deeply in love. I have never read any
love stories neither I have seen any to its end. I
don’t know what our end was but those days I felt
that it doesn’t have any end. People say that don’t
love any one who don’t love you but love the one
who loves you. But for me you can’t be happy if a
person loves you a lot but you don’t love that
person. It’s a feeling which you can’t create of
your own. 

Now a days people choose their partners
first with their qualities and then they decide to fall
in love but it’s not real. That’s why relationships
and breakups are very common nowadays. She
asked me not to contact her during my exams. I
told her that I will call her after my exams will get

Her exams will be over 3 days before my
exams get over. So after that day I started
preparing for my exams with full speed. The
atmosphere changed everywhere. Every body was
busy preparing for the exams. Some were studying
hard and some was doing their level best in
preparing cheating papers but as a whole
everybody was working hard for the exams. I used
to be a very expert cheater in the exam hall and
nobody had ever caught me. 

My preparation was
not well but I stopped thinking of cheating. Some
sudden changes came inside me. I felt like I have
become a good boy. 

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All my naughtiness came to an
end. Before I tried to be a good boy whenever I get
scolding from my parents or my teachers but I
have never succeeded. So I thought that a dogs tail
can’t be straight and that’s why I also can’t be a
good boy but now I felt like I came to know the
truth and the truth was that I have changed
because I was not a dog. 

I am a human being. The
exams finally ended and I was very happy to call
her that day. I knew that she has been waiting for
my call. After the exams I went to the pco and
called her but she didn’t answer to my call. Next
day I again tried to call her but she didn’t answer
to my call. I was worried once again. I asked
Jagdeep to go to her uncles place and ask about

She went and came to know that the new girl
was sick during the exam days and that’s why she
went to her parents as soon as the exams got
over. I felt like I need to go to see her but I don’t
even knew the address. I became totally helpless,
the only thing I could do at that moment is to wait
for her. I was waiting and waiting but I didn’t hear
anything from her. Two month passed away but I
was still waiting. 

Then one day Harpreet told me
that the new girl has sent me a letter to her
address. Hearing that I became excited. I hurriedly
went to her and brought that letter. Locked my
room and started reading the letter. Well she send
me a gift in that letter. It was the first and the last
day I read that letter. 

I read the letter once but
after that I could never read that letter. But today
as I need to write what was written in that letter I
will write it down in my own words but still I can’t
read that letter. So below I will express her words
in my own words. Hey, It’s been a long time I saw
you but still it seems like you are close to me

I know I have hurt you but I will not feel
sorry for that because I am ready to accept your
punishment. Sweetheart I need to say you
something very important today. I am very much
lucky that I meet you. You were the only who made
me know what love means, How it feels. People
struggled for whole life but they didn’t find their
true love but I am very lucky in this matter. The
days which we spend just smiling at each other
were the most beautiful days of my life. 

Whenever I
see you I feel as if God gifted me my eyes only to
see you. People say that when people die they went
to heaven or hell but each and every feeling of
yours which made me smile was like a feeling in
Heaven. I was afraid to show you my love. I was
wrong… when I see the dress today I feel like an
angel. You made me feel very much special. I never
got a chance to express my love because I was
afraid but the truth is, each and every breathe of
mine was only for you. After my exams got over I
fell sick and I returned home to my parents. I went
to see a local doctor and he said that I am
suffering from malaria and prescribed me some
medicine. I knew if you came to know about it you
will get depressed and I can’t see you sad. I was
just waiting to get well soon and come to you as
soon as possible. But day by day I was getting
weaker. The doctor made some tests and found
that I was also suffering from jaundice. I saw the
truth in their face that’s why I wrote this letter to
you. I could have called you, I really wanted to hear
you but i will not be able accept my end If I hear
your voice. But today if something happened to me
there will be a smile till the end. In this life you
loved me more then I deserve that’s why I don’t
have any complain to God. Dear, wherever may be I
go, my love will come to you one day but you have
to make a last promise that till then you will not
lose your hope. I made a promise to you that my
love will be always there for you till the end and
after, so my love will return back to you to keep my
promise. You are a very brave boy. I know you will
keep my words. You know what? Whenever I miss
you, I used to close my eyes and I see you because
you were inside me. If I die then I will die with a
smiling face because when I will close my eyes for
the last time I will see you. I told my mother that If
I die then I want to wear the dress you gave me
and get buried. I wrote this letter and asked my
mother to post it if I die. Today if you are reading
this letter then It means that I am no more in this
world. But it doesn’t mean that our love came to
an end. My love will return back to you and till then
you can’t be weak. I love you. This was what she
wrote in that letter. Words are changed but her
feeling are constant. Life has three big reasons to
live but this time its not past, present and future
but its memories, sacrifice and last but not the
least “ LOVE”.

 Everything in this world is immortal
but these three things are not. Today my friends
are all in a different state with different profession.
Everything has been changed… our lives, our
thoughts and even us. But sometimes when we
turn back a smile come out of our face because
those days are still alive inside us. 

Problems are part of life and I too faced lots of problems after
she left but yet I never allowed a single tear to
come out from my eyes because her last words
gave me strength to face the world with a smiling
face. But one day all those tears will come out
when I will see her love once again in front of me.
Well now to my readers I will like to say that if you
can feel this story then this is a true story but if
you cant feel it then you can take it just as a love
story. And coming next to every thing ……I am still
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