How to insert Youtube video on blogger

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Now how to insert video from youtube

If you wish to insert a youtube video, just go to and copy the URL of the video, click on video,click on youtube video, paste it on share , when the video comes up, select it, post.
see picture below.....

Click on video

The page open, click on youtube video

That page open, past you Youtube video URL

Page opens, select the video and Add select

Then you have you video here

Thats step one, step two..
you go to , click on the video, click on share, then click on EMBED the copy the code, click on your HTML . FIND the place you want the video to be and paste the code there. follow picture steps below

Go to, search your video, click on share, click embed and copy the code

Click on HTML

Paste the code anywhere u want it to show,

Now you have your video.

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