Infatuation is fun, while it lasts.

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Infatuation is fun, while it lasts.
            Surprise huh? Look at that look in those pretty faces; I guess I can hear voices in your head saying, what has loveswaggs come up with by this subject.
Infatuation is the Pre successor of love,

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                “Love at first sight” is a flirt line not true. Every relationship has got a time of infatuation no matter how long and strong the love relationship seems to have last.
Infatuation describes the intense range of feelings present at the beginning of most relationships; sweaty palms, rapidly beating heart, butterflies in the stomach. 

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The world is a better, more beautiful place because object of your affection is with you.
Every time you touch is thrilling, the feel of your soft palms make every single hair of your body to rise
You remember every conversation, and your thoughts revolve around them. In more common terms.

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 This is doing everything in his power to make her feel special, pages of love sms on her phone,
Doing crazy stuff for them to just smile at you,
This is a crush. Crushes are very real, normal part of human life. Everyone experiences at least one crush at some point or another in their lives.

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It can be sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between infatuation and love.
This is especially true at the beginning of a relationship. It is easy to think that you have found true love as the intensity of infatuation takes over your life.
Love, however, rarely comes on suddenly. It is a slow, gradual process that can only happen after the rush of infatuation starts to ebb. 

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Guys honestly speaking if I am asked to choose from infatuation and love, I will chose infatuation, but after math, love is all we need, because it is the greatest.
Infatuation occurs early in a relationship so open up your mind to enjoy your moments of infatuation, because it dosnt last long but sometimes it can last up to a year before you find what’s going on, or love take over.

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Good news is that it can probably lead to the real thing called LOVE.
Enjoy yourself while it last. Thanks.

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