Most Popular/Liked Facebook Fanpages

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Everyone is interested to know the most Liked Facebook fan pages, here we go:

1. Facebook for Every Phone : This page belongs to facebook with 544,922,330 Likes, that's over half a billion Likes.

2. Facebook : The facebook fan page have 168,454,950 Likes. That's the official page of facebook.

3. Shakira : The wonderful superstar artist shakira took the third position, though she is the first in most Liked person in facebook with 106,331,690 Likes. All i could say is wow!!

4. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Soccer star claimed the fourth position with 104,568, 290 Likes.

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5. Eminem: The fifth position goes to Eminem, the award wining rapper with 98,068,377 Likes.

6. Coca-cola: The company that never fades away, though remains the same took the sixth position with 92,697,520 Likes.

7. Rihanna : Award winning superstar Rihanna claimed the seventh position with 90,033,700 Likes.

8. YouTube : Everyone loves youtube, they have 86,111,590 Likes.

9. Michael Jackson : The Late king of pop, though dead, but never forgotten have 79,998,913 Likes.

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