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It was 8:oo pm as my father came in and said we were going out for a surprise. This was rare, after my mother passed away after she gave birth to me, my dad was always finding it hard to juggling with his work and looking after me, this is hard as i am dyslexic. My dad needs to get extra help for me as I'm starting high school I am 11.

My father took my hand and escorted me to the car. This would be the last time i set foot in this car. It was getting dark and the rain was pelting on the car i sat back and looked out the window to figure out where we were going. I was in the passenger's seat and my dad was driving. It was so cold outside that the car windows started to freeze.

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We were coming out of the tunnel when my dad threw his hand at the horn "BEEP-" There was silence as our bodies got forced forward and the airbags hit our face. The windscreen was completely shattered and the car smaller and bashed as it was before. Then i heard cars drifting to avoid the van and our car then came screams and the van drivers voice shouted "Call the ambulance... as I loss concise.

I woke up seeing light above me and doctors all around me holding an mask to my mouth while rushing me into the intensive care unit. Everything around me was blurry and i was thinking more about my dad than the pain that was shooting around be fragile body. I lost concise again as my body was giving up on me everything went blank.....

I woke up four months later to see my dad at the side of my hospital bed clenching my hand and saying how much he loved me and the surprise was what my mum wanted to show you when you were going to high school it was a locket saying "never give up from mum and dad" , as i started to see objects ,shadows, colors etc. i could see that my dad was with a nurse sitting in a wheel chair with a neck supporter on and a stocky on his left arm and the locket in the other he was in a very critical condition but still putting up a fight to see me. I lifted my hand to take off the mask I was wearing but I was unable as I was so weak and shocked to see my father and me hocked up in all sorts of different wires. I looked around again at my dad and said i love you too as he started to drifted off the nurse was shouting numbers and letters at the other doctors and nurses. They put my dad on a stretcher and rushed him back to his room, all i could think about was him. I was crying while nurses where trying to calm me down. I was fighting to get out of my bed and walk. I pulled myself up and got out of bed , my foot touched the ground but not for long as i fell down with it. The doctor lifted myself up into bed and said the words i was dreading to hear " i didn't want to be the one that told you but your so unwell you can't walk, you can barely move". i was confused and said "but i got myself out of bed " then the doctor replied if you didn't see your dad you would have not, it is your adrenaline kicking in" i stopped and lay there while the doctor was feeding me through a tube i thought to myself is this a nightmare?

The next day the nurse came in and held my hand she said to me, "i am so sorry to tell you this but your dad has past away ,but there is a family wanting to adopt you they are lovely and they have a wee girl your age that also has dyslexia so you will be going to the same classes". i stopped and looked away as tears ran down my face, down my eye. i was distort that my dad past away but i was so pleased to hear that someone wanted me with my learning disorder, that i would finally have a mum and a sister that understood me.

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The week after the bad news my new parents and their doctor visited me that was my first visit since my dad came in. The family looked beautiful the mother of this family had long blond hair and blue eyes she was skinny, The father had short light brown hair with green eyes and was also skinny and the little girl had blond hair and green eyes. The mother looked at me and said "Hello i know what you have been through but we are willing to bring you into the family then we can have another beautiful little girl. The little girl looked at me and said "we will have fun together because you have the same learning disorder as me and we both have blond hair and skinny and small" the father said "we will help you every step of the way and you will love your new room". i smiled and finally saw hope.

Three months later everyone was shocked to see me walking running and talking again. the nurse said it was finally time to go with your new family. The nurse gave me a present from my new mum dad and sister, i opened it with excitement and pulled out a nice new pink dress with white tights and new pink shoes. There was a card it stayed "we are so glad you made it through this nightmare and pulled through so we bought you this and there is still more to come because we are coming to get you today! i was so excited, i ran in my hospital room and put on my new outfit while the nurse was pleating my hair. Few hours later the family came through gave me a hug and held my hand they put me in there car with the little girl next to me and off we went to the new house.

As we arrived i took one look at the house and my mouth dropped it was massive. My new mum was holding two suitcases with all me new clothes and my new father was holding all my new teddy bears. Then the little girl took my hand and ran with me to my new bedroom i was so happy to see all of my new furniture. It looked like a princess's room. The mother and father kissed me and the little girl hugged me they said that i have been through so much that i should now live like a princess. My new dad gave me my locket.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why could my dad not have lived ?
is he with my mum now ?
is it okay to cry ? 

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