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            When two or three are gathered there must be problem due to differences in thought” if everybody believes the same thing, that means nobody is thinking” but our ability to find out the common causes of these problem, the prevention and solution comes quickly.
Relationship being something we cherish so much that have to deal with the delicate and sensitive part of the body which is the heart. Therefore to avoid heart break, we have to know the common problem we are likely to in relationship mostly lead to separation and heart break.
At this page we are going to discus only the problems then how to solve it will follow soon at the upcoming articles.


Communication: the highest curse of relationship problem is poor communication; you can’t be communicating while checking your black berry, watching television, typing a document or flipping through sport sections.

P2) SEX:
The most wanted three words in relationship sex! This problem is commonly ignited by gurls, ” darling you must take me this new shopping center in town otherwise NO SEX TO NIGHT” most gurls make it a kind of mandatory that guy must pay for the sex they are about to have with them either by buying them gift or meeting their selfish wants, and yet they tend to say they are in relationship. Or must guys might tend to be very busy with work or anything and therefore starts saying each night NOT TO NIGHT BABE

P3) MONEY: “money they say it’s the beauty of a man” a question was asked on our discussion group on facebook by a guy saying “must one have money before he finds true love” most women starts up a relationship because the is kinder loaded, once the per chance the money is gone, that means the love is gone along side with it. Likewise guys some make a gurl to fall in love with them when they ant gat any money, as soon as per chance he starts making this money, he will start despising the gurl saying she’s too local to his love.  Now this is a big problem!

P4) Struggles Over Home Chores:
 this I will say is a problem to married couples , or perhaps partners living in the same house. Nowadays, most partners work outside the home -- and in today's economy -- often at more than one job, so it's important to equitably divide the labor at home

P5) Not Prioritizing Your Relationship:
 I can hear you saying is relation a business venture one have to patronize. Lol. Yes relationship is a business, a very important and interesting business. If you want to keep your love life going, making your relationship a focal point does not end when you say "I do." "Relationships lose their luster," so this is a relationship problem

P6) OCCASIONAL Conflict:
Occasional conflict is an inevitable part of life. SO It’s a problem

            Now this is the most important part of a relationship which can easily be altered by just a little miss feeling or wrongly interpreted act bye either of the partner. Now this is a relationship problem.

            Thanks, how to solve and prevent these problems that is leading to break up or heart brakes will follow soon.

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