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How to get a gurls number
            To most guys, gurls are becoming too stubborn to giving out their number, yet some other guys out there, keeps getting every gurls number he wants at any time,  so intimidating.
What is this secret behind their little success? lol don’t lament yet because you are at the right place, and you have found the secret of the first order.
            Getting a gurls number is as easy as asking for  her name though some people also finds it difficult to get a gurls tell them her name.lol study the following tips and start up your gurls phone book.


            “ 1st impression matters most” this were most guys problem lies, at the very sight of this beautiful  gurl, you will start exaggerating her, thereby making her look too superior for him , which usually end up making the guy walk away without following his heart or causing dramatical 1st time approach which must piece the gurl of and make you a looser.
            One thing that should always be at the back of your mind is that “ gurls are like a balloon, no matter how big they may look, a lil pinch  pooh!  They blow up, yes I know they have classical gurls but you manna of approach can upgrade your class in their ears. Try your best to keep your confidence, cuz if you are confidence or not, the gurl will know. So be confidence  and ask for the number she will give you her number. Confidence is the key.

Tip 2 MANNA of approach

            If you are the type of guy that is having problem with approaching a gurl for the first time, this what you have to do to kill this feeling, anytime you set your eyes on her, remove the thought and feeling that you are going to toast or chick her, walk up to her looking into her face like you wants to help her out with something, 

if she frowns her face don’t be scared just start up the conversation with a crazy question like “why are you steering at me like that? Am I that monster on dream last night” or “ why is your face this cloudy, do you want it to start raining” no matter what’s on her mind she must put on a lil smile, that gives u the 1st credit.


Tip3 start up the conversation

            When you walk up to her make sure you say something, don’t just stand there and watch her ask this piece off question “what do you want? Or can I help you?” by letting her ask you those questions, you have made her the boss of the hours, so she will ride you sarcastically with her mouth. Do not use a pick up line cuz that will tell her an insight of your mission, just say “hey, how are you doing today? Or what do you think bout today’s weather, 

she will definitely reply and maybe ask you back the question, then you can tell her things you did that day or things you intend doing. The more you get her talking the wider your chances of getting her number, just keep talking with her like you have no intention on meeting her some other time. She might even be the one to ask of your number.lol  

Tip 4 Complement her

            Everything the girls do , they do it for you, so they love it when you tell them you appreciate their effort by complimenting her, make sure that you mean what you say and it is specific to her. She will love to be complemented if they are real compliments. If it’s fake she will know.” You can get some sweet compliment line on our pick up line page and love quote page” for more sweetword on compliment click HERE

Tip 5 ask for the number

            Never be shy about asking for her number. You just met her so if she says no who cares, you can go get another one. Remember if you don’t ask for the number you ant getting it.
  Ask her for her number with an open ended question, like “ any chance I can get your number” or “ it’s been a nice chat any chance we can bring back a time like this next time, let me give you a ring” leaving her with an option that she can say no or yes, still no big deal.

            Go experiment this tips, use the comment box to share you experience, and also tell us other skills that works for you. We love seeing your comments.

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