Google developing digital deodorant?

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New technologies coming up as usual, but we are not yet sure of these information
The next realm of innovation for Google could be very, very personal. The tech giant has filed for a patent on a new digital deodorant device.
According to the patent, which was filed back in 2012, the device would be a small wearable fan complete with sensors that track your sweat. The user straps the "odor-removing device" to their body and it autonomously emits a fragrance when it detects body odor.

The device will also alert you when you smell and warn you, via a social media linkup if your friends are close enough to get a whiff of your stench. Then the GPS kicks in offering "an alternative route to travel such that the predicted odor may not offend others that are socially connected to the user."
The patent doesn't cover how the device would be worn by the user and no word on when or if Google plans on rolling out these devices.
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