New Barbie Doll introduced that talks with Children

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Technology is moving to greater heights with new innovations coming out everyday.
Meet "Hello Barbie," the newest doll developed by Mattel and startup ToyTalk that connects to Wi-Fi and can have two-way conversations with its owner.
The doll was revealed at the New York Toy Fair on Feb. 14 and is expected to hit shelves later this year, Newsweek reports. "Hello Barbie" will be priced at $74.99.
Kids are able to speak with the doll through a microphone and speaker located on the doll's necklace, Newsweek says. Inside her legs, batteries are embedded and allow about one hour of playtime before she needs to be charged.
A Mattel spokesperson tells NBC Bay Area that the top request they receive from girls is that they want to have conversations with their Barbie doll. "Now, for the first time ever, Barbie can have a two-way conversation," they tell NBC.
Because "Hello Barbie" can connect to the Internet, it will remember things children tell her, MSN News says. Whatever comes out of Barbie's mouth is written by real people employed by ToyTalk.

MSN continues to report that a smartphone app connects the doll to Wi-Fi. Once connected, the user can talk to Barbie and his or her words are sent to ToyTalk's secure server. These collections of conversations form, and staffers can then analyze what kids want to say to the doll as well as what responses the staff needs to write up.
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