Very Emotional: An Orphan’s Love Story

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In My Childhood I Didn’t Know Why It’s Important To Have A Mother
When I Grew, I Realized How She Is Different From Every One Other..
On A Road, Seeing The Way She Holds Her Child, I Understood What I Missed,
I Wished I Also Had That Part Of Love Which Others Are Blessed.
I Waited For Days To Meet Someone Like Her…
But In My Life, I Couldn’t Find Another Mother…
Soon Youthful Days Blossomed As A Flower …
I Waited To Meet A Girl Who Will Be My Soul - Lover And As Well My First Mother…
Then I Met You,
I Believed I Met Both The Two…
But In My Life You Didn’t Want To Stay
And I Too Couldn’t Stop You From Moving Away
Soon I Know You Will Marry Your One
And One Day You Will Become Mother Of Some…
I Don’t Blame You As Any Of These Reasons
When It’s God, Who Gave Autumn As All My Seasons…
Even God Couldn’t Face My Tears…
So, He Hid Somewhere With His Fears…
In This Life I Left Him Like This
But In My Next One, I Won’t Allow Him Against My Wish….
I Would Ask Him To Give You As My Mother
So That Even When I Kick You Away Farther,
You Will Take Me In Your Arms Lovingly
And Kiss Me In The Cheeks Affectionately.
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