Woman had a new vagina made from pig intestines

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Strange/weird stories all the way, we got another one for you, a good one...
A woman has undergone pioneering surgery to have her vagina remade using pig intestines

Her vagina was so narrow she couldn’t have sex and a gynaecologist found it was even impossible to examine her.

She was suffering from a condition called scleroderma that results in hard, thickened areas of skin and sometimes problems with internal organs and blood vessels.

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The condition can cause a woman’s vaginal opening to constrict.

At a hospital she was sent to surgeons decided to carry out surgery using a technique called a Mesh Augmented Vaginal Reconstruction.

In a first, they used pigs intestines after learning they could be used on people who had a narrow bladder.

For over 30 years, pigs have been used in a number of medical fields because their genetic make-up is similar to humans.

During surgery to treat the Czech patient, surgeons made an incision to enlarge the narrowed area.

They then used the mesh made from pig’s intestine to widen the walls of the vagina.

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Surgeon Vladimir Kalis many women suffer with the same problem but most are too embarrassed to ask for help.

But he added: ‘The patient is very happy now. Basically, she feels like a woman again.’

Hospital spokesman Gabriela Levorova, said staff had been unable to find any similar surgery being carried out anywhere else in the world.
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