10 common things that cheating men do Part 1

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1. He doesn’t respect his own mother

According to Dr. Carole Lieberman, author of “Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them,” a woman should carefully observe how her husband (or future husband) treats his mother. If he is disrespectful to her, he is more likely to be disrespectful to you.

2. He is a self-centered narcissist
Watch out for men who are self-centered, narcissistic and have no empathy. Men who see women as objects and are more likely to cheat. Stay away from them. Don’t try to change them, or convince yourself that he needs you, because he is not going to change. (He doesn’t want to.)
3. He feels powerful
A study conducted at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands shows that powerful people are more likely to have an affair. However, Dr. Joris Lammers reports that the relationship between power and confidence is greater than the relationship between power and infidelity. The best way to keep a man faithful is by building up his confidence, but not letting power get to his head.
4. He has low self-esteem
If he constantly worries about getting older, losing his hair or being fired, his self-esteem is probably tanking. He might try to fix things by having an affair in order to help him feel more like a man. The best way help him is to avoid comparing his successes to another person’s, and encourage him to fulfill his goals.
5. He gives in to his vices
Men who drink heavily or use drugs tend to have no limits and believe that they can do whatever they want — even cheat. Avoid these types.

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