10 common things that cheating men do Part 2

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1. He suddenly gets very critical

If he never cared about your weight or how you clean the house, then suddenly everything you do makes him irate, then that is a good sign that something is wrong. If he constantly criticizes and belittles you, he is probably trying to manipulate you in order to divert attention from his bad behavior. Try to figure out if it’s stress or depression before jumping to conclusions.

2. He flirts with everyone

If he loves charming every girl that falls in his path — your mom, sisters, friends, etc. — to the point that you think anyone would melt for him, it’s most likely happening. Make it clear that you will leave the relationship if he doesn’t do his part. Men can still be charming without being unfaithful, but they need to be careful. 

3. He suffers from forgetfulness

Does he forget your birthday, favorite restaurants and tastes? Does he forget his promises? (For example, like not taking you out to the movies on a Friday night.) If he pretends to forget his mistake to confuse you and mixes up your likes and dislikes with other people, that is not a good sign.
4. He is more aloof

If he hides when someone calls, or he doesn’t answer calls when you’re around, there is room for concern. If he changes his password frequently and “forgets” his phone in the car or at work, those are also clues. Most women who have been betrayed report that they say these signs, but they ignored them. Do not neglect your instincts.
5. Intimacy changes

If he is less affectionate, but still wants to make love, your intimacy is no longer the same. If you have concerns, talk to him about it. Tell him that you want to be more affectionate. Tell him that you think he’s changed, and ask if there is something wrong. If he denies that he has changes, be wary. Something may be going on. 

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