Father set up camera to watch his son having sex

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fathers can really be crazy most times,what is he thinking?? live porn?......

A father has been jailed for setting up a spy camera to watch his son have sex with his girlfriend.
The 53-year-old set up the camera in the loft above his 21-year-old son’s bed then recorded them at their home in Faringdon, Buckinghamshire.

He even had a live video feed to a TV in the kitchen, which was how he was finally busted.
His younger daughter accidentally changed to the channel that showed her brother’s bed, so she told him what she had found.
He went into the attic where he discovered the camera and confronted his father. They also found a naked screenshot of the son’s girlfriend taken from one of the videos he had recorded.

The 52-year-old bowed his head in shame as Judge Ian Pringle told him: ‘It is an appalling abuse of trust.
‘A greater breach of trust is difficult to imagine. You wanted to spy on their sexual activity, curious as to what was going on and you even printed out a picture of your son’s girlfriend naked.
‘You say you don’t know why you committed these offences and that it gave you no real sexual gratification.’
Judge Pringle was also told that once the camera was discovered it also emerged that he had sexually abused his 12-year-old daughter.
His lawyer, Jenny McVeigh, said: ‘What he is unable to put into words at this stage is the motivation behind his behaviour.’

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