How to Embed Instagram Pictures or video in you blogger or wordpress

How to embed instagram on blogs,How to Embed Instagram Pictures or video in you blogger or wordpress
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before i start this tutorial, You will have to click on follow to follow me first... *wink* good.
The image above is from my instagram page, i embed it, that's why you can view the picture or video like you are on instagram, you can like the picture,comment on it too. wandering how i did that?

wonder no more. Below is a picture step by step of how imbed you instagram video and photos

1)Login your instagram on you computer

2) Click on the picture you want to share

3)At your down left hand side, click on that 3 dot thing, see picture below

4)Then click on embed to see code

5)Copy code and go to your blogger or wordpress where you post, click on html and past the the there...

6)click on compose to go back, you will see the shap of the picture with out the picture,good you got, then view your site to see image come up and smile.


 7) Then follow on instergram if you love funny and crazy photos for your dp

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