How To Get Your Site ready before Applying for Google Adsense

How To Get Your Site ready before Applying for Google Adsense,how to make google approve my adsense,
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if you are reading this, then you are not as lucky as us that began blogging long ago when google security has not been this tight,never the less, there are couple of stuffs google are looking out for, in your site before they can approve adsense on your page. see them below 

10 ways to increase your chance when applying for adsense.



     1)Policy for privacy : it may seem odd to have a privacy for your blog. But it is vital if you want to get adsense approval without it, you might as well not apply at all. The policy itself should describe to those who visit you blog what they will see and whats they can and cannot do.

    2)Contact information: this is where you put in your contact information ,at the very least, it should consist of an email so that readers can contact you directly about any issue they have on your blog

      3) About us: this is where you tell people a little about who you are. What your business does and how you are going to accomplish it. This is sort of like and introductory page to your efforts and it critical when you apply for adsense

  4)    Email and name verification: be sure that you put you email as well as your name in your about me or contact us page so that it will help google verify you quickly.

  5) Verify age: always use you correct name and date of birth when applying for adsense. This is mostly for those who are under 18. But it is important to be truthful otherwise you’ll never get approved. And make sure the name and date of birth you are using correspond with the one on your gmail account. .. Yes don't neglect that, google has all the time

   6)   Appropriate design: your blog should look attractive , professional and easy to use. You don’t have to be fancy or pour in thousands of Naira, just make it clean and neat will be sufficient.

7 7)  Have plenty of post: do you know that there is no minimum number of post stated by google in terms of what is required for joining adsense? Even so, if only have a handful, do not count on getting approved. You should shoot for about 500 or so before applying to demonstrate your seriousness about you efforts and make sure that they are at least 500 words in length.

8  8) Remember the rules: no pornography , illegal items,advocating drug and use or other items, that will not get you any adsense at all. Plus, if your posts are all than 200 words, that will not work either.

9 9)   Adds value: your blog or website must provide real value for your audience. This will not only help keep people visiting your site but also impress google as well

110)  Unique, top level domain : basically ,this mean that your domain should be a “.com” in order to succed. Plu the name itself need to be short as possible , related to your area of interest and easy to remember.

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