How To Put Instagram BADGES on your Blog, wordpress or blogger

how to get instagram badge code
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Instagram is now the most used app online and as a blogger, you need to take advantage of this, and add and Instagram Bag on you blog so people can follow you there... what do i mean by instagram badge, its a kind of "View me on instagram button" see example Above. just click on you will its click-able

Picture Steps On How to get you instagram badges code

1) open your instagram on you computer and log in.

2) At the to left part of it click your picture to see badges. picture below.

3) Click on any form of the badge you want, and the code will be generated on the box below. picture below.

4) Copy the code and paste it anywhere of you choice in your site, be it blogger or wordpress .

5) Oya follow on instagram Instagram

IF You want to learn how to imbed Instagram pictures and video on your blog so that people can watch instagram video straight from your site, come back to tomorrow , i share the tutorial and place a link too

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