Looking Sick On Purpose - Japan's New Beauty Trend

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Every non-sensible thing now becomes a trend, especially for the ladies.
They’re wearing the Tokyo trend known as “me no shita chiiku,” which means “undereye blush:” candy-colored blooms painted exaggeratedly high on the cheekbones and, as the name suggests, directly underneath the eyes. But, while coloring outside of the lines may be considered a beauty blunder stateside, the style is huge in Harajuku.

Rosy undereyes started popping up in Tokyo street snaps during the last few years and peaked in Japanese beauty forecasts last fall. Super-highly placed blush became the signature makeup look of It Girl Momoko Ogihara, creative director of the edgy-feminine line Murua, so much so that the style is also known as “Momoko blush.” The statement has since exploded into the mainstream and been embraced by Japan’s infamous myriad of fashion subcultures, whose aficionados have created spin-off interpretations of the whimsical style. 
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