The Boy Whose Head Won't Stop Growing: Parents Cries for Help

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Parents of a three-year-old boy have made a desperate plea for life-saving surgery after their son's brain has swelled to twice its normal size
Cao Pengwei was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was two - the condition sees fluids build up in the brain's chamber.
The youngster now needs an operation to drain the excess fluid from his brain after previous treatment failed.

His parents, who lost his twin brother when he was three-months-old, said they cannot afford the surgery after racking up debts of Ksh2.98m (£21,700) on treatment so far.
The procedure involves inserting a shunt or plastic tube into the brain ventricle or near to the spinal cord, to divert the flow of fluid.
Mum Ding Meiling said she hopes kind-hearted people will come forward to his aid.

She told the People's Daily Online: "I've been worn out by the treatment but I don't want to give up,' she said.
"I don't have any solution now. I hope people with kind hearts can help my son."

Cao's head has reached a size of 80cm due to his condition and could die without the surgery. He's already had to leave hospital in Jiujiang City, in Xiushui County, twice already because his family could not afford the hospital bills.
"We are desperately hoping someone could help our son," Ding added.
"We'll save him, no matter the cost."
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