What You Need To Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

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It has now been a thug of war  to get you site accepted to display ads from google adsense. Google now has many publisher's or sites on their pay roll, so they now make it sort of difficult to accept new sites, despite that, there basic thing google are expecting to see in site before they can consider you site ready to be approve. below are what you need to do before applying for adsense to avoid your site being toast out..

How to avoid getting your site rejected by  adsense

There are a number of things to avoid when applying for adsense so that your entry will not be discarded. Here are just a few

Read google policies: just like you are studying for exam, google post their policies about what it takes for your to get into adsense. So take the time to read them and be sure that your website follows the rules. read policy HERE

Have good content: if your website doesn’t have good or sufficient content, it will not be accepted. So be sure that you provide them with enough to review. In addition,it has to meet,professional and grammatically correct other wise it will give them the excuse to toss out your site.

Good solid design: Garish yellows and lots of distracting glitz will also stop you in your tracts when you apply for dasense. Your website should have good solid design that is comfortable to look at and pleasing for visitors.

Post your contact information: if google cannot find a way to contact you through you website, you might as well not apply. Having an “about us” page that is complete with contact info is the minimum to getting accepted

If you finish doing this, you will have to read see :10 ways to increase your chance when applying for adsense. ...... subscribe to gist360 by mail to get it in your mail, mean while, this post will be updated with link to the post.


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