WOMEN FLIRT STYLE: tighten up your flirting skills

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WOMEN FLIRT STYLE: tighten up your  flirting skills
     Here we are again, since we have learn t who a flirt is; on the topic “WHO IS A FLIRT” gurls, I guess it we please us to put more swag in our flirt style.
      Some gurls love arsenal that will help a flirt beginner or improve your flirting fun life.

GIVE A CLARE SIGNAL: flirting is mostly based on signals, women use body language intensely cuz they still want the guy to be the one chasing them. Men are notoriously bad at interpreting signals from women. Know what you want when you flirt and make sure your signals are clear and that they convey what you mean. It’s not fair to flirt with someone for the fun of it – unless they are obviously flirty themselves. Flirting for fun is fine when you know someone a little better. If you genuinely want to meet people then by all means flirt, just make sure you know how to separate the sexual flirting signals from the 'hi, I'm friendly' flirting signals.

ACTIVATE YOUR FLIRT MODE: before you go flirting first put yourself to flirting mood so you won’t screw your style up. First get it to your brain that this is game for fun, it doesn’t matter who win but always play to win. Feel good about yourself and others will feel good about you.

CARRY OR WEAR SOMETHING EYE CATCHY: If you want someone to approach you, be sure to wear or carry something that is eye-catching and noticeable to you.( carry stuffs like teddy bear, poppy dog, or anything crazy or funny ,colorful cloths or special designed cloths or kinder sexy type is a good eye catchy wears)You will be surprised how much easier it is to go up to someone and ask a question about their prop.

SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM GROUP OF FRIENDS: If you go out with a group of friends or even one girlfriend, make sure you separate from them so that you are more approachable. No man wants to be rejected in front of a group of women, and he may well feel he cannot approach you when you are ‘protected’ by a herd of other women!

REJECT WITH POLITENESS NOT RUDE: get lost you suck, isn’t the right way to say no. ‘Get lost nerd’ is NOT the way to say NO. Men who approach women may do so clumsily sometimes. If you are not interested, make it clear and be polite. It can be very difficult to get up the courage to approach a woman. Refuse someone in the way you would appreciate being turned down yourself. If you are sure someone is NOT for you can say ‘I am sure you will find someone who is right for you, but I am sorry I don’t think it’s me. Remember that even if this person is not for you, they may have friend potential and who knows that benefits that can bring!! And now a short pause for a commercial break!

Be interesting by being INTERESTED: Cut down the talk about you and ask him open ended questions. Find out about him – after all people generally enjoy talking about themselves and feel flattered when someone shows an interest in them. This also gives him the cue that you like to know a bit about someone before exchanging numbers or accepting a date.

Ask him what he enjoys doing: Women and men often tend to fall back on the line ‘What do you do’? To some men, this can smack of ‘checking for wallet-padding’. Alternatively Not everyone is doing the work they love, YET and the question may put them on the spot. Men are much more activity orientated whereas women like to talk about emotions. Asking them what they enjoy doing in their life will allow find out more about what makes them tick.

If you give out your number, give the genuine one: Carry a personal or business card to hand out. This way you know that when you give out your phone number you either give out the genuine one or not at all. Imagine what it must feel like plucking up the courage to dial a woman’s number only to find it is the local Chinese take-away.

Make the first move! Most men would love to be approached by a woman. If women are looking for equality then it is only fair that they do their share of the asking. It will also give you an opportunity to understand what men have to go through when making a first approach.
And finally:

Be yourself. It’s no point in assuming a role you think someone wants you to play because you’ll get found out sooner or later. Be proud of who you are and if you aren’t YET sure how you are at your best, you might want to do some work on it. There are plenty of courses and self-help books out there.

     Hey gurls! Hope you’ve grab what you really need to be a happy flirt,…..  Now go out there, flirt your way to that special guy or guys and make the best out of your public relation and get whatever you want from them.

           Guys don’t be jealous “guys flirt style” will be post soon.
     Please Don’t just read and walk away, you comments matter a lot to us and other readers click on the comment to drop your mind and reactions, 
HAPPY FLIRTING GURLS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. You are completely right! thats what I do all the time!

    1. Heheheheheh, I love it, that means you are playing your games tight.


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