4 Things You Didn't know Your Iphone Camera Could Do

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The Iphone is taking over most parts of the world, being the leading mobile company worldwide, i want to teach people some tricks about using the camera.
We take our iPhones everywhere with us, which is why the iPhone has become the camera of choice for professionals photographers, artists, and everyone in between.
Even though you may take tons of photos with your iPhone all the time, there are probably at least a few tricks you might not know about.

From tips that help you enhance the quality of your images to tricks that enable you to take photos faster, there are plenty of things you can do with the iPhone's camera beyond the standard point-and-shoot gestures.

Use the Grid to help you align your shots perfectly. You can do this by going to Settings>Photos and Camera and switching on Grid.

If you're using Apple's earbuds, you can press the volume buttons on the cord to snap a photo or record a video. 

Tap on the screen to focus, and then slide your finger up and down on the slider to adjust the brightness of your shot. 

Press and hold the shutter button on the screen to enable Burst mode, which takes 10 photos per second.

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