Facebook Messenger app now allows Video calls

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Facebook has announced that video-calling functionality is now available on the Messenger mobile application.
The move is ostensibly a play by Facebook to go after the current king of video-calls, Skype.
"You can quickly start a video call from any conversation with just one tap. If you're messaging with someone and realise that words just aren't enough, you can simply choose the video icon in the top right corner of the screen and start a video call right from within an existing Messenger conversation," the company said on its blog.

Video-calling is available for Android and iOS, with users able to conduct cross-platform video calls as well.
It's just the latest service to hit Messenger, with other services including the ability to send cash to friends and the launch of Messenger as a platform.
Facebook confirmed that video-calling is available today in Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, the UK, the US and Uruguay.
The service is expected to be available in other regions "over the coming months".
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