Guidelines for married people

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When couples create or make out at least one hour where they stay together every day to at least talk and discuss things, it becomes very difficult for loneliness to take root in that marriage. It could be early in the morning or before bedtime, just try to have regular planned time to talk with your spouse.
These days most couples find out that their spare time is always spent attending to social media and being online which critically intrudes into our alone time with our spouse. Don’t be caught by this social media bug that attacks intimacy in marriage. Say no to it. Create time for your loved one every day. Make it compulsory, see it as a duty. Let no day pass by without you spending quality time with your spouse. I don’t really think that the length of time is the issue here but the feelings we take with us after such moments together. Don’t starve your spouse of this daily time together, nourish it and before you will know it, it has become a habit to you and your spouse.

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