How to download your Google search History

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You can now download your Google search history.
Spotted by the unofficial Google Operating System blog and noted by Venture Beat, it’s as simple as heading to your Account History, clicking on the cog in the top-right and choosing ‘Download’.

Google’s made it possible to view your search history for some time, but now you can grab it to keep as an archive of JSON files, organised by quarter.

Once you’ve requested to download it, you’ll be notified almost immediately via Gmail with a link to the archive on Google Drive and the option to download it to your hard drive as a Zip file.

It’s worth noting that your archive only contains information from when you’ve had the feature switched on and were logged in with your Google account.
The ability to download all your searches is a handy addition to Google’s Takeout policy, which aims to make it easier for users to get at their data, but beware, your history probably contains many embarrassments.
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