Man defends 'sacred institution' over Gay marriage, see his reasons

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David Fowler's daughter went into the bathroom and was taking a long time to come back out. He sent his wife in to investigate and was later told his daughter had begun menstruation.
"For me, at the time, it was a relief my wife was there to handle a situation I felt utterly incapable of addressing," Fowler said.

"It truly took both of us to raise our daughter; one without the other would have been a total disaster. My daughter might still think it was a total disaster," he said with a laugh.
The gender roles of fathers and mothers and their ability to relate to sons and daughters are part of the reason Fowler opposes same-sex marriage.
Fowler, a lawyer and former state senator, leads the Family Action Council of Tennessee. FACT was formed by a national group opposed to gay marriage to lead the charge to pass an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution defining marriage as one man and one woman.
More than 80 percent of voters approved the 2006 measure.
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