Man Set To Undergo The World's First HEAD TRANSPLANT ;

first head transplant
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Suprice huh? This Russian guy, Valery Spiridonov, a computer scientist, who is suffering from a rare genetic muscle wasting disease known as Werdnig-Hoffman disease has volunteered to undergo the world's first head transplant.

The Werdnig-Hoffman disease is a rare and fatal genetic muscle wasting disease that leaves its sufferers seriously disabled

Basically, Valery's head would be given a new body, and it has been learnt that, the donor is a man that is currently brain dead, but healthy...

A brief description of how the procedure would go;

Both donor and patient would have their head severed from their spinal cord at the same time, using an ultra-sharp blade to give a clean cut.
The patient's head would then be placed onto the donor's body and attached using what Canavero calls his 'magic ingredient' - a glue-like substance called polyethylene glycol - to fuse the two ends of the spinal cord together.
The muscles and blood supply would be stitched up, before the patient is put into a coma for four weeks to stop them from moving while the head and body heal together.
When they wake the patient should be able to move, feel their face and even speak with the same voice. Powerful immunosuppressant drugs should stop the new body from being rejected..... Gaddemit !!!!

The Doctor that would be performing this out-of-this-world procedure is Controversial Italian Surgeon - Dr Sergio Canavero.... Canavero claims that all the necessary techniques already exist to transplant a head onto a donor body, despite widespread skepticism.... WOW !!!
One thing is for sure, if this procedure works, be rest assured that a lot of problems like disability, total paralysis would be a thing of the past.... A lot of people would have a second chance to life... and this is what science should be about, not booty and breasts enlargement...huhuuhuh....
I dey fear ooooooo

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