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It is the wish of every girl to get married on
time; no lady wants late marriage; but why is it
that some ladies still marry late? What are the
causes of late marriage and how can it be
Some of the causes of late marriage and their
solutions are as follows;

1. Some ladies are very dirty; they are not neat
in terms of hygiene. This can chase men away.
Therefore, be neat not only on the outside but
also in the inside. Keep your undies clean. Your
private parts must be kept clean to avoid bad
odour that will chase men away.

2. Some ladies have bad character; they cannot
relate well with men; they disrespect their
boyfriends and shout at their boyfriends
anyhow. Such ladies can only have boyfriends
but it will be difficult for them to have
husbands. If you have a bad character, men will
only date you because of sex, but they may not
marry you. If you have a bad character, a man
will date you because you are beautiful and
sexy and he will only use you to satisfy his sex
urge. But when it is time for him to get
married, he will dump you and choose another
girl that has a good character. Therefore, work
on your character. Real beauty is your
character; not your physical appearance.

3. Do not play too hard to get. It can lead to
delay in marriage.

4. Always smile; be friendly to every guy that
comes your way. Being friendly does not mean
that you are a flirt. Be polite to every guy that
woos you; after all it is not a crime for a guy to
woo a lady. You should be happy that a guy
woos you; it shows that you are worthy to be a

5. Always pray to God to assist you by directing
your dream husband to you and not a player.

6. Stop searching for a tall, handsome and rich
man. Those qualities are okay but hmm, you
may keep on waiting for a rich, handsome and
tall man to come and ask for your hand in
marriage and before you know it, you are
already 37 years old and yet the handsome tall
and rich man has not yet come. So be wise; if
you find a man that truly loves you and that
gives you peace and happiness, marry him very

7. sometimes, it is good to always attend social
gathering like wedding, birthday parties, church
programs, etc. Perhaps you may meet your
dream man there who will be willing to marry
you. Stop staying indoors all the time. Husband
will not come and meet you inside your house.
I hope I have touched someone's life positively
with this post....Ladies be always look clean.
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