Married woman who shares her bed with a pig

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Chinese woman has become an internet sensation after sharing her life with her pet pig who she dresses, walks and even sleeps with every day.

Zhu Chou, 27, has raised her beloved Five Flowers since it was a piglet and the porker has now grown to a whopping 187lbs (13st)

But that has nothing to weaken the bond between the two, with Ms Zhu proudly posting pictures of them snuggled up in bed together, it was reported by People's Daily Online.

Her husband is understood to be 'tolerant' of the relationship.Ms Zhu has nicknamed her pet Zhu Diandian or 'crazy pig' in English.
The owner's surname, Zhu, sounds exactly like 'pig' in Mandarin and that may be the reason for her love of this rather unusual pet.
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