Want to Know the right person to date?

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I have come to understand that Life can be
much better when you start dating someone who
really wants and need you in their life.
Someone who believes you have a role to play in
their life,dreams,aspiration and future.
Someone who wakes up everyday and still find
you amazing despite how many times he/she has
seen your face.

Someone who is interested in your business &
everything you do.
Someone who whether good or bad,they always
do their best to check on you.
Some whose mood changes when yours change.
Someone who really understand what it means
to care.
That kind of person is not hard to find.
That kind of person exist and the fact that you
haven't met such a person,doesn't mean you
wouldn't meet such person.
We settle for less most times because we don't
want to be alone for a while.
We tolerate and go through things all because
we are scared we might not have someone
There is good,there is better and there is best.
Why settle for good when there is better?
Why settle for better when you can have the
Stop staying in an abusive relationship.
Stop making excuses.
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