iPhone Tricks|| How to Stop Music with Timer

iPhone Tricks How to Stop Music with Timer
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7. Stop music with a timer

This is a cool trick for those of you who appreciate falling asleep to music. The issue with that is regardless it'll be playing when you get up in the morning, and you've most likely recently depleted the greater part of your battery simultaneously. Utilizing the trick 'Quit Playing' clock, you can pick to what extent you need the music to play for as you float off to sleep.

To set up the timer, go to the clock application and afterward tap "timer" in the base right of the screen. Pick to what extent you need your timer to keep going for (you can pick a matter of minutes or hours on the off chance that you'd lean toward) and afterward tap 'When Timer Ends'. Here, look down to the base of the menu and select 'Quit Playing'. Press begin on the clock and after that start playing your music from the Music application. At the point when the clock closes, the music will fade to a stop.

This trick will likewise work for audiobooks and other media.

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