Nigeria Now Consumes 29 Percent of Africa's Internet

Nigeria Now Consumes 29 Percent of Africa's Internet
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The Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, on Monday uncovered that Nigeria at present uses 29 percent of Africa's total web access, with an ascent in the development rate from 11 percent in 2013 to 52 percent in 2014.

Prior to the making of the service in 2011, she conceded that the nation was down in the United Nations (UN) e-government improvement positioning, including that today, the nation has climbed in the positioning.

This upward development, as per her, is an appreciated improvement, in light of the fact that ICT is presently being conveyed in both the general population and private parts for compelling administration conveyance.

"A standout amongst the most essential apparatuses of ICT that have affected the lives of Nigerians is access to broadband web, particularly portable broadband." the Minister expressed.

Johnson, who was spoken to by the Director, e-Ggovernment, Mr. Tope Folashedemi, made the revelation at the festival of the 150th commemoration of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Abuja.

As indicated by her, the nation had a joined settled and cellular phone membership of more than 400,000 lines between freedom in 1960 and 2001, yet in only 14 years after the permitting of the portable administrators, it recorded more than 148 million associated lines with a teledensity of around 97 percent.

The Minister clarified that administration is wanting to get every one of its urban communities joined with the web through its broadband activity, including that effectively numerous state governments are entering into its national broadband arrangement which is to make broadband pervasive the nation over in no far off future.

Johnnson said: "To further develop the utilization and entrance of broadband to groups the nation over, the National Frequency Management Council (NFMC), endorsed the assignment of bits of the radio recurrence range to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to qualified administrators."
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