Robber fell asleep on Couch after stealing from the house

Robber fell asleep on Couch after stealing from the house
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A Florida robber thwarted his own particular escape by nodding off on the sofa in the wake of breaking into the home throughout the weekend.

Timothy Bontrager, 29, was accused of crime thievery of an involved harping in the wake of being captured on Saturday morning.

A Sarasota inhabitant woke up around 7:20 am and discovered Bontrager sleeping on the love seat in the family room.

The lady asked Bontrager who he was and for what reason he was in her home, and soon thereafter the gatecrasher apologized, WTSP reported.

In the wake of letting him know she was going to call police, Bontrager stood up and strolled around the parlor before leaving the home.

The occupant told officers who arrived that Bontrager had entered through an opened sliding glass entryway.

While police were in the home, the lady saw her wallet, driver's permit, credit and platinum cards were absent from the table, alongside individual watches that had been made out to Bontrager.

Subsequent to making up for lost time with Bontrager on Beneva Road, police captured him and transported him to Sarasota County Jail.
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