Things You don't Know you can do with your iPhone touch Keypad

How to add symbols to your messages in iPhone,where to find hidden symbols in iPhone,how to turn on the predictive feature on iphone
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The iPhone is a great device with several splendid elements, yet there are a few hidden components and tricks that you might not have acknowledged existed – up to this point. Here, we've picked our most loved iPhone tips and tricks that can help you accomplish things faster and simpler, and that you'll wish you'd known quite a while ago.

1. iPhone keyboard tips #1

How to add symbols to your messages;

You've presumably been utilizing your iPhone's keyboard for a long time without understanding that its really simpler than you suspected to add symbols to your messages. As opposed to tapping once on the 123 catch/button and afterward tap again on the ABC catch/button when you're done, you can tap and hold the 123 catch/button, then slide your finger to choose the symbol you need to embed. Once its been included, your console will naturally return back to the letters console.

2. iPhone keyboard tips #2

How to show additional hidden symbols

That is not all! There are numerous extra symbols covered up inside of your console/keyboard that you might never have found. Tap the 123 catch/key to go to the numbers and symbols console, then tap and hold an symbols, for example, the pound sign to discover different currencies forms.

3. iPhone keyboard tips #3

how to add full stop.

This one may sound straightforward yet its a monstrous help that I know numerous individuals don't think about. Instead of going to the symbol menu to locate a full stop, you can double tap the space catch/key. It'll add a full stop to the end of the word you've quite recently written and set you up prepared to start the following sentence.

4. iPhone keyboard tips #4

how to turn on the predictive feature

Double tap the emoji key and you will see predictive, turn it on and it will appear.Picture steps below:

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