VIDEO || @BinkyW review The New Samsung Galaxy S6 #GalaxyS6edgeNG

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Samsung Galaxy S6 whole new world of mobile inventions. Battery is average however I suppose Samsung wished to form the look pretty much as good because it is. It's no worse than different prime phones however not the most effective out there either. It's like this if they created the display 1080 x 1920 pixels it might of provide the most effective show to LG instead they went for 1440 x 2560 with 577ppi this can be wherever plenty of power is employed. Then you have got the Exynos seven Octa 7420 that is that the most powerful processor in an exceedingly mobile device and 3gig of ddr4 ram not ddr3 like most devices use.

Then to prime it up they need modified the look sort of a ton of individuals pushed for therefore it did not appear low-cost and created the device with costlier materials and place the most effective affiliation a transportable will have at the instant. to not mention the short charge that allows you to charge your phone to full from empty in an exceedingly hour and 0.5 and conjointly provide us wireless charging. Wow give Samsung some credit these guys have done a colossal improvement over previous models and still individuals complain.

 BinkyW review The New Samsung Galaxy S6

Banky w describe the physical features of the new Sansung galaxy S6 edgeNG

stylish, futuristic design... beauty hooked up with power and had a baby #NextIsNowNG , #GalaxyS6DuosNG , #GalaxyS6edgeNG

watch the video below to how love the phone is:

bankW DEscribe thecamera on Sansung Galaxy S6

The camera on the phone is 2nd to none All you need to do is double tap the home button #NextIsNowNG , #GalaxyS6DuosNG , #GalaxyS6edgeNG

watch the video of how cool the battery is  below



BankyW talk about Samsung Galaxy S6 battery

Just ten minutes of charging, can last up to 3hours #NextIsNowNG , #GalaxyS6DuosNG , #GalaxyS6edgeNG

watch the video below


BankyW talks about Samsung Galaxy S6 special futures

It can tell you who is calling without looking on the screen. #NextIsNowNG , #GalaxyS6DuosNG , #GalaxyS6edgeNG

watch the video below


Its a Phone you will need to handle,

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