Apps that Android users should not download

Apps that Android users should not download
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Here's some awful news for Android clients. Security specialists have found 100+ more applications that neglect to encode your login information legitimately, making it awfully simple for programmers to take your password. What's more regrettable: the greater part of the application creators aren't making a move.

The specific issue, an HTTPS vulnerability, is hardly a new problem. In fact, we've known for years that Android apps are susceptible to this issue, and that it puts users' private information in jeopardy. So it's not really news that it's still around.

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What might surprise you is that the list of affected apps includes include popular services like, NBA Game Time, Safeway, and-get ready-Pizza Hut. So if you've been ordering delicious hot dog pizza crust pizza from the Hut with your phone, you should change your password right now. You should also probably stop using these apps until you know they've been fixed.

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Don't freak out too much: It's not all Android apps that suffer from this vulnerability. Security researchers say these apps have been downloaded over 200 million times so that's 200 million opportunities for hackers to steal passwords... but that's not a lot in the grand scheme of things.

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Earlier this year, a batch of apps that had been downloaded over 350 million times were identified as being similarly insecure. (OkCupid was among them.) Faulty encryption was also the cause of a mobile security shake up back in 2012. So it's not like app makers don't know that HTTPS vulnerabilities are a problem. It's pretty infuriating that they're not doing anything about it, though.

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