How To Post in blogger

How To Post in blogger,how to schedule in blogger,how to link in blogger
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To some new and up coming blogger, this tutorial is for you.i will take you through to show you your way around, and how you can do some stuffs in blogger.

below are picture explanations of how it flows in here

After login in, you will meet this interface,view the picture and understand it.

You can click on the name of your blog to view dashboard

When you click on post the next page you will see is......

This how the categories look when you click on label. If your post match two categories, you can select more than one. and you can create you own category by just typing the name in the box.

If you want to schedule a post to publish in lets say in next two hour time, this where you can set the time you want to publish its self.

If your still have any problem, please feel free to use the comment box below

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How to link post or put hyperlinks on words and photos

Read More detailed on how to post new post here and Edit post

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