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About iTel Phones; iTel is one of the mobile phone companies dragging the market in Nigeria today, they came in to Nigeria few years ago but they are currently having 100s of mobile smart phones in the market today. due to some misunderstanding in Nigerian buyers, we still see iTel phone as one of those lower quality china phones in the market today and we tend to ignore their existence, they did not pay me to write this tho, but i thought, its wise thing to do for fellow Nigerians.

I have come across most of the itel phones and i came to realize that, they have good and interesting smart phone to consider buying,

Their phones are less expensive,affordable, portable, nice shape, their color are very cool to behold.

The function are smart too but little complicated which is a good challenge for Nigerian youths who love phone adventures, it accepts all android apps.

They variety of phone ranging from

Touch- that is those with touch light
Tv- that is those that has TV
Music- that is those that has ability to play music for a long time
iNote- that is their smart Phones.

Bloggers u can copy the post, but pls but a link back to where you lift it from. thanks.

always visit i will be start posting most of thier phones from now on. thank for coming around. share the post on your social media to inform your friends of the new product in Nigeria.

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