Learn all about the Apple Watch price, where to buy, release date and specs

Learn all about the Apple Watch price, where to buy, release date and specs
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Apple, the world leading mobile tech company can't bow down to pressures, they continue to surprise mobile fans with the best products.
24 April marked the official launch date, but stock problems owing to high levels of demand during the pre-order phase meant that Apple wasn't selling the smartwatch in-store. The company has since confirmed that stock is unlikely to arrive until June at the earliest.

Instead, only those who got their order in as soon as pre-orders became available were lucky enough to receive an Apple Watch on launch day.

If you weren't so lucky, we've gathered all the details on how you can get your hands on one and when it's likely to arrive.

Where to buy

The Apple Watch was made available to pre-order online from 10 April, and Apple confirmed during its second-quarter earnings call that demand for the device is exceeding supply.

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This meant that it was impossible to strut into an Apple Store on 24 April, when the smartwatch officially launched, to pick one up.

Apple has since confirmed that the Watch can now be picked up in-store, and will be available to buy in shops from 29 July, with supply finally catching up to demand. 


The Apple Watch is now available to buy, and full pricing details for the wearable are now available.

The cheapest option, the 38mm Apple Watch Sport, is available to pick up from £299, despite costing Apple just £55 to build, while the larger 42mm model will cost £339.

The more expensive Apple Watch version is available from £479, going up to £949 depending on the case and band combination. For example, a 38mm Apple Watch with a Black Classic Buckle strap will set you back £559, while the 42mm model will be £50 more expensive.

As expected, the Apple Watch Edition, which is crafted from rose or yellow 18 carat gold, is the most expensive. It's available at the Apple website from £8,000, rising to £13,500 for the most expensive version.

Release date

The Apple Watch became available to pre-order from 8am on 10 April and, according to reports, sold close to one million units on day one in the US.

From 10 April, customers in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US were able to try on and experience Apple Watch at their local Apple Store or at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Isetan in Tokyo, Selfridges in London, and select Apple Authorised Resellers in Japan and China.

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High rollers interested in the Apple Watch Edition will be given more time to try out the devices in store than the rest of us. Big spenders can book a 30-minute appointment to try on the pricier Apple Watch, compared to the 15-minute slots available for trying out the standard version.


The Apple Watch will be made available in 1.5in (38mm) and 1.7in (42mm) screen sizes, with 272x340 and 319x390 resolutions, respectively. The smartwatch will feature a square display, unlike the round screen on the Moto 360, coated in a protective layer of sapphire crystal.
The smartwatch will be available to pick up with different faces and straps, 34 to be precise.
Apple didn't mention this during its glitzy launch event, but the website confirms that the smartwatch is also certified to the IPX7 waterproof standard, which means it's protected against a "short duration of water immersion" at a depth of less than one metre.
The Apple Watch runs a custom version of iOS designed from the ground up. It supports touch navigation, but the UI can also be controlled by the handset's 'Digital Crown'. This mechanical wheel, like that which you would normally use to set the time on a standard watch, lets you scroll and browse through the user interface.

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For example, scrolling the Digital Crown will allow you to zoom in and out on Apple's Maps app, while tapping it will take you back to the main home screen.
Apple's new 'Taptic engine' improves the mapping experience, buzzing wearers with different vibrations when they need to turn left or right. This feature can also be used to send fellow Apple Watch wearers a nudge or your heartbeat, and for notification alerts.
On the software side, the Apple Watch comes with Siri, allowing users to bark commands at their wrist and to reply to messages. On-screen typing will not be supported owing to the small screen size, but a feature called Smart Replies will allow users to choose from a number of pre-written responses for those who feel silly talking to their wrist. Those who don't will be able to answer calls from the Apple Watch.
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