MP3 || Master-Kay - Success Is Calling

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Finally! Master-Kay premiered his first song of the year 2015, a hit-track on Sunday, 28 June 2015 live on Tshwane FM (93.6) hosted by DJ Nantes. Now the song is doing air waves around websites, blogs and radios. In 40 mins after release it was sitting firmly at more than 460 downloads along with crazy good feedback from the fans. Some already doing some Fan Signs as photos for him and tweet! It's crazy, insane, sick and amazing to see a 16 year old rapper doing all this on his own! Yes! On his own, he produced the beat of it, written the lyrics of it, did some engineering by mixing and mastering it all alone. He's not only regarded as a rapper only, because he's also a good producer. Just get the song and hear the "epicness" that the fans heard!

Download MP3 || Master-Kay - Success Is Calling
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