Samsung Group Wants To Double Smartphone Battery Life

Samsung Group Wants To Double Smartphone Battery Life
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Samsung Group has devised a new way of manufacturing lithium ion batteries, which could double battery life for devices.
May it be the premium branded iPhone by Apple Inc. , the various Android smartphones licensed by Google Inc on a vast scale for numerous manufacturers, or Samsung’s flagship handsets, which dominate the global market, the issue of short battery life has been present in all. Even the Galaxy S6, which has been a hit in the industry, faces scrutiny due to its not-so-great battery life. Samsung’s latest course of action is to tackle this issue by elongating battery life on a nanoscale.

There has been wide development research in lithium ion batteries and it has been found that the use of silicon in them as an active material causes a drastic change in volume via the charge-discharge cycles. This can cause the energy density of a battery’s life cycle to weaken significantly as the formation of silicon carbide disrupts the transfer of energy. The key is to prevent the silicon carbide formation.

The battery which Samsung has come up with will be more efficient and longer lasting than the ones we have in smartphones as of today. The new design uses silicon for the anode material to enhance the electrical capacity, while thin layers of graphene have been added to the battery’s surface to counter the volume change and weak energy density side effects.
Researchers found out that by adding graphene on top of the silicon nanoparticles, they can draw out optimum results for the performance of the silicon anode. The silicon, in the new method, now has room to expand without damaging the performance of the battery. To preserve the durability of the silicon anode, the silicon is allowed to expand by sliding between the layers of the anchored graphene particles.

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Samsung researchers found out through numerous experiments that their new creation is more efficient than the traditional Li-On batteries, as the former is capable, at the first and 200th cycle, of approaching volumetric energy densities of 972 and 700 Wh l−1. Samsung’s developing battery offers higher energy densities by 1.5 to 1.8 times than the conventional Li-On battery.

In an ideal world, as the mathematical workings show, a device such as a smartphone with a 14-hour battery life could go a whole day running on these batteries without needing to be charged. The battery enhancement efforts by Samsung are currently in their research phase, but it may not long before the new technology is ready for commercial use.
Apple and Android manufacturers will benefit considerably from the new battery as both have been concerned about extending the battery life of their products. The Android M which was unveiled at the I/O Developers Conference consisted of several power saving features. The software upgrade offers features like detecting when the phone is placed upside down or placed in a pocket and avoiding giving off unnecessary lighting and alerts for every notification.

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