Surprise!! Microsoft Corporation to Provide Windows 10 Through USB

Surorise!! Microsoft Corporation to Provide Windows 10 Through USB
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Good decision, but does it mean dvd installation disks are over? or going to extinction?
Microsoft Corporation has reportedly decided to provide its latest and final Windows-based operating system, Windows 10, through USB, which could mean game over for the installation disks. As confirmed by the company, all users of authentic Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will be allowed to upgrade the operating system on their PCs if they choose to.

The upgrade will be free for these users and they can download the latest OS. As of now, users of authentic operating systems are being prompted to reserve their upgrade to Windows 10 which will take place after the highly anticipated OS will be released worldwide on July 29, 2015.
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Users who are not approved for receiving the free upgrade will need to buy the new operating system. It has been reported that Microsoft Corporation might offer USB drives which would contain all the important installation files for Windows 10, and this could mean game over for the Windows disks and DVDs.

The USB drives would replace the disks and DVDs for sales in stores, though it is being speculated that at the beginning, Microsoft Corporation may distribute Windows 10 on DVDs as well as USB flash drives for sale once it becomes available on July 29. Prices for different versions of Windows 10 have been revealed and users can choose the version that they would like to run on their PCs depending on their choice.

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The listings for USB flash drives for Windows 10 were first spotted on two online stores in Canada named PCCanada and CompSource. The listings on PCCanada stated Microsoft Windows 10 Home 32-Bit/64-Bit USB [KW9-00016] for $134.49, while CompSource mentioned Microsoft Windows 10 Home 32-Bit/64-Bit English 1 License USB Flash Drive KW9-00016 for $124. However, these are

Canadian prices of the operating system as Microsoft Corporation has announced that Windows 10 Home would be priced at $119 and Windows 10 Pro would cost $199 in the U.S. for new users. It is also clear that the same USB flash drive could be used for 64-Bit and 32-Bit versions of Windows 10.

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The listings on the websites also informed that the Home and Pro versions of Windows 10 would be available on USB flash drives and sticks for sale. The pricing for Windows 10 in countries like India and other regions has not been announced yet.

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