The New Huawei MediaPad T1 is here – See Prices

The New Huawei MediaPad T1 is here – See Prices
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The speed Huawei is coming up with, they will soon challenge Iphone and other big mobile tech giants.
Before coming out with the critically acclaimed Huawei P7 and Huawei P7 Lite flagships, the Chinese tech giant had launched, in 2014, the Huawei MediaPad T1. But instead of launching just one product, Huawei decided to launch three, targeting three different tech enthusiasts. Those who like the Nexus 7, those who enjoy the iPad Mini 3 and those who consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab E a neat new launch. In fact, Huawei has three sizes in mind, to put it simply, for those who enjoy entertainment, simplicity and convenience.

The new Huawei MediaPad T1 tablet line-up is comprised of three affordable devices with mid-range specifications and Android 4.4.4. The cheapest of them all is of course the smallest, the Huawei Media Pad T1 7 inch variant. You can buy this one for almost $102 on GearBest, for 31 % off. including free shipping. GearBest describes this device as a phablet, and they’re right about it. The 7 inch version of MediaPad T1 is right at the border of phone and tablet, a trend that has been emerging throughout China and Japan and seeping into the rest of the world.

7 inch Huawei MediaPad T1

Although there still are people who find a screen larger than 5.3 inches too difficult to use, there are just as many people who enjoy the 5.5 and 6-inch devices most. Then there are people who find 7 inches great for a phone, although I am not a part of that group. Now the Huawei MediaPad T1 fulfills a lot of uses, and can be considered a multi-purpose device. The convenience of a larger screen for videos and gaming, and the features of a mid-range smartphone, without fitting in your pocket, mind you. For the price, Huawei nails this.

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The $101 version comes with a 7 inch display that has a 1024*600 resolution, a Spreadtrum SC8830 CPU backed by 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage, with 32 GB additional available through a microSD card slot.. It comes with built-in 3G and 2G, but no LTE. It has 2 MP cameras on the front and back, a 4100 mAh battery and it’s a bit heavy at 275 grams. Although the resolution is not exactly ideal, it can be used as the occasional media device. I would say this tablet is suited for those who use their smartphones more for video watching and gaming then for talking and texting. It could also be a portable device for work purposes, to share presentations and documents and to check out relevant content in a group.

Anyway, the larger, 8 inch Huawei MediaPad T1 comes with slightly improved specs, but a price tag similarly affordable. The one thing many people admire about Huawei more than any other feature that they introduce is balance. Huawei create their devices with a balanced user experience in mind, in terms of performance and design as well, and they accomplish that quite well in my opinion. The 8 inch Huawei MediaPad T1 comes with an 8 inch display with a resolution of 1280*800.

It even has a neat-looking skin

Once again, the resolution is not ideal, but this device can be bought for only $130 on GearBest, and it comes with a 3G data connection. While the 7 inch variant of this tablet comes with Android 4.4 KitKat, this 8 inch MediaPad T1 has only Jelly Bean aka Android 4.3 running the show. That’s a bummer, seeing as KitKat is a much more stable operating system, and with more features. There are many people out there that even prefer KitKat over Lollipop. Although there’s a downgrade in operating system, the CPU receives an upgrade in this model to the Snapdragon MSM8212 CPU. That’s better known as the Snapdragon 200 processor.

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There is 1 G BRAM and 8 GB internal storage in the package, as well as a 5 MP camera on the rear of the tablet and a 0.3 MP VGA camera on the front. The juice is provided by a 4800 mAh battery and as with the 7 inch model, you can use it with a SIM card and make use of a 3G data connection. As you can tell, the 3G is the best feature of this tablet and Huawei is responding to an emerging demand in the technology industry: 3G tablets. Although we do have a wide selection of 3G tablets available from various manufacturers, Huawei is offering customers a capable variant, for a very low price point.

huawei-mediapad-t1-8-inch-design-details huawei-mediapad-t1-8-inch-tablet-3g-tablet-prices

The third and final installment in this 3G tablet line-up is the 9.6 inch Huawei MediaPad T1. This too, receives a few upgrades compared to its smaller siblings, but nothing major. Except for 4G LTE! You can get a the 4G LTE tablet for only $214, with free shipping on GearBestThat’s a very good price for a 4G tablet and Huawei might have just hit the nail in the head combining the 10 inch form factor and 4G LTE for less than $300 a pop, unlocked of course.
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