Ways To Make Your Apple Inc. Watch Last for 30 Hours

Ways To Make Your Apple Inc. Watch Last for 30 Hours
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The Apple watch rises in popularity day by day, but we want to discuss about the battery level.
Since Apple Inc. launched its wearable technology offer, Apple Watch, the users are expected to have reservations with the standby battery life, which lasts up to only 18 hours. However, the battery life shrinks to just 6.5 hours, when the user is using the Apple Watch on Workout mode.

The good news is that it is now possible for you to make your Apple Watch last more than a day, up to 30 hours. It’s simpler than you might think, you just need to strap off the device, and pair it to the “Reserve Strap.”

Speculated to be a fairly new tech startup, Lane Musgrave and John head the Arrow Reserve Strap.
Listed below is the whole process of pairing your Apple Watch with the Reserve Strap and benefit from a long battery life.

1. The user may simply dislodge the Apple Watch from its original band, and connect it to the Reserve Strap, by pushing a small button beneath the band and engage the accessory port to connect it to the Reserve Strap.

2. Upon successful connection, the user may choose to toggle from using the energy stored in the strap or the Watch’s own charge, by pushing the button on the strap.

3. It is on user’s discretion to turn off power supply from the strap, once the Apple Watch is fully charged; the user may leave the power ON and keep the Apple Watch fully charged until the Reserve Strap dies.
To indicate the level of charge remaining on the Reserve Strap, the Strap houses LED indicators, to the remaining battery by red, yellow, or green, respectively.
The Reserve Strap comes with a USB to Micro USB Cable, and a Quick Start guide. It is water resistant, and comes in two standard sizes, the 38mm, and 42mm, respectively; reported to be made of “Specialized Thermoset Elastomer Silicone band.”
Interested Apple Watch users may pre-order the Strap here for $249.99 per Strap, keeping in mind November 03, 2015 as the shipping date.
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